Thursday, 11 October 2012

Gre Analytical Writing Essay

As part of the admission process, the Gre analytical writing essays are used to test analytical and critical thinking skills prior to securing an admission at a college or university. Gre essays test the ability of a student to support and justify complex ideas, and to articulate and evaluate arguments. In this regard, Gre analytical writing essay base their assessment on general knowledge. Read more about essay writing. Click link to follow

Gre analytical essays are supposed to be submitted in 30 to 60 minutes based on the complexity of the assignment. Students are presented with the assignments which are accompanied by instructions of how the task should be responded to. I most cases, students are required to develop an argument that should be supported with irrefutable facts. To do this effectively, they must take a position and defend it.

Before undertaking the Gre analytical writing essay, it is paramount to understand the test measures applied. Understand the scoring guides; know the skills that are tested how you score in the tasks given, topics that are likely to be assigned, and essay responses that should be given. Generally, have an idea of how to write analytical essays of this type.  This is possible through sampling examples that are easily accessible from the internet.

How to write analytical essays
Like other types of essays, analytical essays do not negate the general essay writing rules. Follow the steps given below to write a high quality analytical writing essay:
Select a topic- the topic states the theme of the assignment. The topic selected must have characteristics such as feasibility, relevance and should attract wide readership.
Formulate a thesis statement- it states the variables the essay will investigate. It also helps the writer to stay on track.
Collect information- guided by the thesis statement, collect information supporting and opposing the thesis statement. You must prove the viability of information presented.
Organize and write the essay- you are required to logically organize the data collected and write the essay following the structure: introduction, body and conclusion.

The most effective way of learning how to write analytical essays is; read the instructions, refer to samples and practice through writing analytical essays examples of your own.
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