Thursday, 11 October 2012

Writing Analytical Essays

Analytical writing calls form an in-depth investigation of a case. Writing analytical analysis essays does not only involve giving a summary, it requires the writer to answer the questions what, when, why, where and how. Writing analytical essays questions the ‘obvious’. Information provided in analytical essay writing must be based on reason and logic. The writer therefore must have a wealth of knowledge on the topic he/she is supposed to address.

 Aspects of writing analytical essays effectively
To write an analytical thesis effectively:
  • Have a topic-the topic sets the theme of the assignment.
  • Develop a working thesis statement- thesis statement states what the analysis essay will look at.
  • Develop a list of points that will be discussed in your assignment- the points should be for or against the argument.
  •  Brainstorm for all possible angles that can be used in addressing the question.
  • Focus on quality instead of quantity.
  • Understand what writing a good analytical essay entails.
How to write a good analytical essay
Writing analytical essays follows the standard essay writing structure. The difference its nature; it requires the writer to present an exhaustive research and understanding of the topic under investigation. As such, it will be as follows:
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  • The introduction- it introduces the problem, establishes the context of the research, and introduces the thesis statement.
  • The body- it has both the points for or against the thesis statement. To be effective, present every point in a different paragraph and provide evidence supporting it.
  • The conclusion- it shows the link between the thesis statement and the evidence present. The conclusion should be logically deduced from the body, such that it leaves the reader with one clear impression.
Sample analytical essays as learning tools
Reading how to write analytical essays is one thing and writing the essay is a different story all together. As such, sample analytical essays become an important writing tool for inexperienced students. They are important because through referring to the samples, students learn the following:

  • Competent analytical topics they can address
  • How to structure a thesis statement
  •   How to defend arguments
  • How to draw a conclusion from the text
  • How to write the essay following a specific format
  •  Reliable sources they can use
In addition to using sample analytical essays as learning tools, they are also helpful when looking for a custom writing service that should assist in doing analytical essay assignments. The quality of sample analytical essays is a representative of what a writing service can offer. 

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